Dr. Villari teaches the following courses:


Forest Health and Protection (FORS 4210/6210)

Spring – 3 credit hours – Co-taught with Dr. Kamal Gandhi

This course covers major diseases and insect problems of forests, with an emphasis on their recognition and management.  It also cover wildland fire prevention, suppression and management.


Forest Health Seminar Series (FORS 8080)

Spring – 1 credit hour – Co-taught with Dr. Kamal Gandhi

The course is a seminar series delivered by invited guest speakers on diverse topics related to forest health and protection such as forest entomology, forest pathology, fire ecology, and wildfire management. Students are expected to attend all seminars, which are offered every other week, and to participate in the following student-led discussion.


Tree Resistance Mechanisms and Plant Defense Theories (FORS 8320)

Fall, Odd-Numbered Years  – 3 credit hours

This course is designed to provide each student with a thorough understanding of tree defense mechanisms against pests and pathogens, and the ability to critically review the major plant defense theories. The course will also address the most up to date techniques used to study tree resistance mechanisms and select resistant trees. Direct lectures will alternate with discussion groups on peer-reviewed papers or book chapters relevant to the course topic.


Natural Resources Teaching Practicum (FANR 8900)

Spring – 3 credit hours – Co-taught with Dr. Gary Green

This seminar-style course is designed to provide graduate teaching assistants at all levels with an opportunity to learn about pedagogical approaches that are effective at the college level. Students will be encouraged to practice and discuss various aspects of their teaching assignments and become familiar with the resources and professional development opportunities available to them at UGA.


Detailed description of the courses can be found on the UGA Bulletin of Classes